Our Team

Our partners bring a wealth of experience, averaging nearly 20 years in asset management. In addition to our partners, our associates bring a variety of experience and skills to Champlain.

Scott T. Brayman, CFA Managing Partner & Chief Investment Officer of Small and Mid Cap Strategies
Corey N. Bronner, CFA Partner & Analyst
Joseph J. Farley Partner & Analyst
Matthew S. Garcia, IACCP® Partner & Compliance
Angie M. Holbrook, CFA Partner & Client Service
Deborah R. Healey Partner & Technology
Finn R. McCoy Partner & Head Trader
Mary E. Michel Partner & Client Service
Wendy K. Nunez Partner & Chief Compliance Officer and Chief Operating Officer
Judith W. O'Connell Managing Partner & Chief Executive Officer
Eric P. Ode Partner & Business Management
Jason L. Wyman, Ph.D. Partner & Analyst
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