Champlain Investment Partners is an independent, employee-owned asset management firm headquartered in Burlington, Vermont. Our investment strategies are designed to focus on providing absolute returns while also managing risk. We strive to create wealth through the consistent execution of our investment process; we are equally committed to delivering outstanding client service, and pride ourselves on the many long-standing relationships we have been able to cultivate since opening our doors in 2004. Our partners bring a wealth of experience, averaging over 24 years in asset management, and as of 12.31.23 the firm had approximately $17.32 billion in assets under management.

Champlain was founded with a shared goal – “Deliver Exceptional Investment Results and Develop Enduring Client Relationships” – and this mission continues to serve as the guiding vision for the firm.

The firm’s culture is based on four core values: Clients First, Excellence, Integrity, and Teamwork. Recognizing that our clients are our top priority, we have thoughtfully aligned our interests with theirs through co-investment in our strategies and by being independent and employee-owned. The entrepreneurial spirit with which Champlain was founded is also emulated in an environment of continuous improvement that encourages us to embrace change and strive for excellence.

We understand that we cannot reach success without working as a team — this means that everyone is a hands-on contributor. As such, our offices are designed (both architecturally and organizationally) to facilitate robust collaboration within and across business units. The firm values an “open door” policy to promote the extension of deep industry, functional, and institutional knowledge between the partners and the associates. Employees are also encouraged to both expand upon, as well as share with others, their own knowledge base to maintain situational awareness beyond their primary function.

As Champlain has grown we have continued to be thoughtful in our expansion, acknowledging that while skills and qualifications are important when adding to our team, a candidate’s cultural fit is also vital to the hiring formula. We look for individuals who demonstrate humility, integrity, curiosity, and a hunger for excellence. Learn more about current opportunities.

We believe companies that are managed for long-term success naturally incorporate many Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations into their business model and planning. In recognition of the importance of these issues and because we have a corporate mindset for continuous improvement, Champlain established a Sustainability Committee in 2019 to ensure that we effectively develop and promote ESG policies and programs, including those related to diversity and inclusion, in a manner consistent with our goal to be a responsible corporate role model and community leader. Read more about our firm’s commitment to sustainability in the 2022-2023 Sustainability Report.

Champlain was founded with a mission to “Deliver Exceptional Investment Results and Develop Enduring Client Relationships”, and with the understanding that working with diverse teams helps us become better humans, make better decisions, and thus better deliver on this vision. We welcome individuals with a wide range of backgrounds, perspectives, and life experiences by fostering an inclusive environment with equitable opportunities for growth and success.

We are committed to broadening our diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts and will:

  • Champion an inclusive environment where every employee at Champlain feels respected and valued.
  • Uphold a values-driven culture while expanding the diversity of identities, skills, and experiences that are represented in our firm.
  • Strengthen our employee development efforts, making sure all employees have equitable opportunities for growth.
  • Model the change we hope to see in our industry and communities, and continue to learn where we can improve as leaders.

Further, Champlain offers a Summer Fellows program annually to build networks of local high school students through professional and financial education including, but not limited to, those who identify with groups historically underrepresented in the asset management industry based on race, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, and/or sexual orientation. The program offers an interactive education on three pillars: professionalism, personal finance, and asset management. Each session, a Champlain employee or community business partner will lead students in a mix of discussion and activities to provide context and learning in a topic under that particular pillar. For more information and to apply, please visit the Champlain Summer Fellows website.

Champlain has developed enduring client relationships with a diverse group of investors including: health care and religious organizations, endowments and foundations, Taft-Hartley plans, family offices, colleges and universities, and corporate and public pension plans. We are privileged to be entrusted with managing a portion of their long-term investments.